CNC Turning

Omega Technical Engineering is a leading provider of CNC turning services, with the expertise, experience, and technology to consistently produce precise and accurate parts. Our team of trained professionals utilise cutting-edge machinery to offer tailored CNC turning solutions for a wide range of industries.

We have five unique machines at our disposal, including machines that have Y-Axis and C-Axis capabilities, live tooling, and bar feeders. Our most recent addition, the Okuma LT3000 twin spindle, twin turret turning centre, coupled with a machine tending industrial robot, performing the load and unload function of the primary machine tool, allows us to increase productivity by maximising machine uptime and extend operating hours to achieve a 24/7 run time.

Our CNC lathes are the perfect partners for complex turning operations, delivering precise concentricity on your cylindrical profiles while also providing the ability to include prismatic detail. Choosing Omega Technical Services for your CNC turning needs means you will receive high-quality, accurate parts. Contact us today to learn how our services can help you increase efficiency and profitability in your production processes.

Max Diameter
380 mm
Max Length
900 mm
Spindle Speed
up to 6,000 RPM

Note, restrictions may vary based on geometry and/or tooling requirements. 


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