Our Capabilities

At Omega Technical Engineering, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide end-to-end solutions for our clients. With 14 CNC machines at our disposal, we have the unique manufacturing capabilities to machine a huge variety of components with precision and efficiency.

Extensive investment in vertical integration allows us to provide a comprehensive range of post-production services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team of experts can handle everything from design and prototyping to assembly and finishing, ensuring that your components are delivered to you in the exact condition you require.

CNC Milling

EDM Wire Cutting

CNC Milling

Our milling section currently comprises six (6) unique machines, including vertical and horizontal machines, 4-Axis and 5-Axis machines, multi-pallet, and large capacity CNC machining centres. These state-of-the-art machines allow us to greatly improve productivity and perform complex milling.


CNC Turning

Our turning section currently comprises five (5) machines including Y-Axis and C-Axis capabilities, coupled with multi-spindles that utilise live tooling and bar feeders to maximise efficiencies and output.
Multi-Tasking Machine

The most recent addition to our CNC capabilities is an Okuma U4000 multi-tasking machine spec’d with twin turning spindles, H1 milling spindle, B-axis, Y-axis, and C-axis allowing for jobs to be machined using a single set-up approach.



Computer-aided Manufacture (CAM)

Mastercam® is used for all complex tool path generation, and we maintain current licencing and up-to-date release versions to ensure we are utilising state of the art tool path algorithms to maximise machining efficiency.


Matrix Tool Management System

Investment in a matrix tool management system, or tool vending machine, safeguards production against tool shortages or stock out interruptions, ensuring the manufacture of your project stays on track.


EDM Wire Cutting

EDM Wire Cutting, or wire electrical discharge machining, allows for the rapid creation of prototypes or short run manufactured products. This process provides us with the capacity to cut intricate, complex, tapered and transitioning shapes, which would otherwise be difficult to produce with conventional methods and cutting tools, coupled with the ability to achieve very fine tolerances and smooth surface finishes. We specialise in large capacity and complex wire cutting jobs.



Sub-Contracting Services

As part of our value-adding service we have developed relationships with like-minded sub-contract suppliers enabling us to manage your project from start to finish.

  • Fabrication: laser cutting, water jet cutting, CNC folding & tube bending, welding (MIG & TIG)
  • Surface treatment: anodising, electroplating, Electroless nickel plating, black oxide, shot-peening
  • Heat treatment: case-hardening, through hardening, nitriding