At Omega Technical Engineering we provide a total manufacturing solution. By developing a strong working relationship, and collaborating closely with our customers, we utilise modern design technology and sophisticated manufacturing methods to deliver a fully resolved solution for any size project.


Computer-aided Design (CAD)

Autodesk Inventor is used for all 3D design work, including mechanical simulation and finite element analysis. The design and development of complex assemblies in a 3D environment enables identification of any issues to allow for efficient refinement and modification of the design prior to manufacture.


Parts Design

From your design brief we are able to create 3D CAD models and comprehensive manufacturing drawings of new components and assemblies, which can then be used for review, approval and manufacture.  We have extensive experience designing small one off components, through to complete industrial machines and robots.


Reverse Engineering

When reproducing an existing component where no CAD data exists we use the reverse engineering process.  We measure and identify the design intent of the existing component, or assembly, and construct 3D CAD models of the parts.  Upon completion of reverse engineered drawings a consultation and review can be undertaken to enhance design, functionality and performance.


Prototype Design and Manufacture

We are able to take your idea, hand sketch or concept and, with our 3D CAD capabilities and engineering experience, move your project forward. We regularly assist clients to develop new products with design advice, design services and material selection. After design approval we are able to manufacture a prototype of your design in our fully equipped CNC manufacturing facility.


Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Manufacturing

Through the utilisation of tolerance drawings and 3D models, we are able to manufacture parts to exacting specifications on our extensive range of CNC machinery. Our facility has the capacity to manufacture precision one-off components, prototypes and low to high volume production. We specialise in short lead times, monthly deliveries and can offer Kanban style service.


Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Investment in a portable FARO arm coordinate measuring machine enables the precise measurement and verification of manufactured components; provides accurate data for the reverse engineering design process; and CAD comparison with dimensional analysis of parts providing a high level of quality assurance.


Maintenance Support and Reliability Upgrades

Our technical capabilities allow us to review equipment failures with a view to eliminating the problems through analysis and redesign. We have had spectacular successes in this field and generally will fix numerous problems and related issues in one iteration.