Our state-of-the-art portable Kreon Ace Skyline measuring arm with 3D scanner and Renishaw touch probe package provides a high-performance system for contact (touch probe) and non-contact (scanning) 3D measuring. Coupled with the Design X and Control X software, it provides the ability for precise measurement for dimensional verification of manufactured components, collection of accurate data for reverse engineering design processes, and CAD model comparison with dimensional analysis of parts.

Design X software is particularly noteworthy, as it has the ability to deal with point cloud data. This means that it can accurately process large amounts of data collected from the scanning process and convert it into a usable format, which in turn, allows for more efficient analysis and reverse engineering processes. With its high level of quality assurance capabilities, this machine enables dimensional analysis of parts to take place quickly and efficiently, providing precise measurements and qualified verifications which can be used to ensure that complex components are within tolerance and pass quality standards.

The Kreon Ace Skyline measuring arm, combined with the sophisticated Design X and Control X software, offers a powerful and reliable solution for 3D measuring and quality control. Its ability to process complex shapes and provide qualified verifications makes it an essential tool for any company involved in advanced manufacturing, reverse engineering, or design.

Max Diameter
2,500 mm / 7-axis

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