Omega Technical Engineering leverages the powerful Autodesk suite of software for all design work, including mechanical simulation and finite element analysis. With our team’s expertise in 3D design and development, we can create complex assemblies and identify potential issues before manufacturing, enabling us to efficiently refine and modify designs to meet the exact needs of our customers.

To ensure precise and efficient manufacturing of all parts and assemblies, we use Mastercam software to program toolpaths and generate G-code for CNC machines. Mastercam offers increased automation, saving time, reducing errors, and improving precision and productivity in the manufacturing process. With features such as quick G-code generation, the ability to program extremely complex parts, and digital review and evaluation of a project before physical machining starts, we can offer methods of precision machining that are impossible through manual programming.

Our expertise in both CAD and CAM ensures seamless integration between the design and manufacturing phases, resulting in a smooth and efficient project delivery.


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